6 weeks - 1 year

In our spacious infant room you will find an array of items and areas for your child to enjoy.

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Young Toddlers

1 - 2 years

A room filled with many learning centers. You'll see a dramatic play area, puzzle shelf, and more.

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Older Toddlers

2 - 3 years

A room where your child can play basketball, tumble on the climbing mat, and more.

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Transitional Threes

3 years

Where children begin letter recognition, color definition, counting, sorting, and community education.

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Pre-K 3 & 4’s

3 - 4 years

This program helps children develop their mannerisms, social skills, and academic beginnings.

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Pre-K 4 & 5’s

4 - 5 years

This program helps 4 and young 5 year olds develop their mannerisms social skills, and academic beginnings.

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School Age

6 - 13 years

Your child can create art projects, participate in an array of popular board games, or active educational games.

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