Leslie Marsteller

Leslie Marsteller

Lead Teacher
12 years experience

General Studies degree with Minor in Music,
Associates Degree in Early Childhood,
and CPR training and first aid


I live in the Pocono area with my husband and my nine year old daughter.  We enjoy improving our home with little projects and going fishing.  We also enjoy teaching our daughter how to play basketball.

Area of focus: Pre-K and School Age

Favorite activity at work? For School Age, I enjoy teaching the children how to make art and craft things, and playing organized games. For Pre-K, I enjoy teaching the children their ABC’s, their names, and teaching the children new information.

Interesting skills: I am patient, loving, and a leader.

Why are you in child care? I am in child care because I love interacting with the children, and watching the children grow in many ways.

What is your favorite activity after work? My favorite activity after work is to spend time with my family and friends.

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