Kate Kromer

Kate Kromer

Executive Director
13 years experience

CPR/First Aid Certified,
B.S. Social Service/Outdoor
Recreation, Associates degree
in Early Childhood Education,
Directors Credential


I am a focused and dedicated employee to the Owners and Staff of Bangor Child Care Centers. Also, I am married and have 2 children with whom I dedicate all of my extra-curricular time to.

Areas of focus: I work on administrative duties, business management, and the daily operations of the Center. I also work closely with the staff to ensure that the classroom expectations and curricular activities are up to par, and also that the needs of the children are met.

Favorite activity at work? Communicating with parents about how I can better meet their demands and expectations.

Why are you in child care? I feel that certain people are born with a natural instinct to educate children. Coming from parents who were former teachers, I grew up with the idea that learning can be fun. 

What is your favorite activity after work? I am always with my husband and children either playing in the yard, visiting my in-laws farm on the weekends, or discovering the outdoors.

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